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Welcome to MellowHelp!

MellowHelp serves to solve your daily life problems by providing easy-to-digest answers to some of life’s most common questions. Our lifeblood is our sources, most of which are official studies, surveys, or real-life accounts, which we cite for each and every single one of our points. This means that you’re getting the answers you need with the reassurance that they’re truly the right answer.

Foundation and Goals of MellowHelp

We were founded in 2021 by one person and have grown to include a small team of freelancers who write, edit, and fact-check every piece of material that moves through this site. Being a new site helps us to adapt to the current site trends for easy accessibility, and it also means that our sources are up to date! 

We understand that today’s world is running too fast for anyone to keep up with all of their research on such a wide array of topics. Our goal is to always provide the best answer at any given time about a topic. MellowHelp’s team does by constantly refreshing our Q&A articles in an ongoing cycle. In this cycle, we do another fact-check of each point we make. 

If there is new information available, we cite it! Sometimes this means that our answer to the question changes, and that is because we adapt to new information based on studies when they come out. This means that you’ll always have up to date answers you can trust while visiting our site.

We Ask You for Questions So That We Can Find the Answers

While we strive to answer the most asked questions, we can’t read your mind! If you have a question you’re having trouble finding the answer to, you can send that question to us by submitting it here. We will do our best to answer it ASAP, and we can even email you after we’ve answered it if you’d like an update.

We love your questions, because that’s our goal: we want to help you. People just like you, all around the world, have trouble with questions such as:

  • Does leaving your phone on the charger hurt the battery?
  • Is it bad for your joints to crack your knuckles?
  • Can you send a lost driver’s license in the mail?
  • Will starving yourself make you gain weight?

MellowHelp has answers to these questions and so many more all around our site. We believe in making your life just a little less complicated by providing easy answers to life’s questions.