Can You Drop a Lost ID or Driver’s License in the Mail?

Can you put a lost driver’s license in the mail and have it mailed back to its owner in the US? Yes, you can! If you do find a full wallet, however, you’ll need to put it in a mailing envelope and pay the postage. If it is just the ID, however, the postal service will place it in the mailbox of the address on the ID card. This also works for passports and other forms of official identification.

This only works if the address on the license or ID is the owner’s current address. Many people do not update their license when they move, and this is just one example of why it’s important to update your license or ID when you move residences.

Mailing a Full Wallet Instead of a Driver’s License

Mailing a full wallet is a little more difficult as you’ll need to pay for shipping. It’s customary to leave all the money in the wallet and to not touch the credit cards. The exception to this, though, is using cash in the wallet to pay for shipping. Usually, The post office offers an inexpensive small flat rate box that should fit most any size wallet for $10 or less. You can then leave a note in the package asking them to reimburse you with a return address or a link.

A wallet might also have a contact card, so make sure you check for that so you don’t spend more money than you have to! The owner is likely just a phone call away.

Update Your License

In the off chance your driver’s license ends up in the mail, it’s important that your license has the right address on it. Updating your license is fairly easy, depending on the state you live in. Many states will allow you to update your license online, sometimes for as low as $30. Your license would then be mailed to you at your new address.

Mailing a license or wallet back to someone who lost it is purely a good Samaritan act. They do this out of hope that someone else would do the same for them.

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  3. It seems unwise to mail an entire wallet with credit cards & sensitive information to an address, since often the address is not always a current address.

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