Can You Freeze Unused Dough?

Can you store fresh dough in the freezer? Yes, it is safe to freeze dough after the first rise of yeast. Doughs without yeast can also be frozen at any time. It is not recommended to freeze dough more than once, however, as it will become hard due to a loss of moisture and elasticity.

The USDA states that “Food stored constantly at 0 °F or below will always be safe.” This is because all microbes such as bacteria, molds, and yeast become dormant at low temperatures. They also share that it is best to freeze food as soon as possible to increase the chances that food will come out of the freezer at a decent quality.

Ensure that the dough is also wrapped or covered properly to prevent the surface from drying out due to freezer burn. Thawing of dough should be done in the refrigerator, as this will also give the dough time to reactivate yeast and rise for the second time. Doughs without yeast can be thawed using running cold water, but then should be cooked immediately.

Can You Freeze Anything?

Yes, basically any food can be frozen and technically safe to eat as long it’s eaten within about nine months. That being said, some foods do not freeze and thaw well when it comes to flavor and texture. Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach can be safely eaten after being frozen, but they wilt and lose flavor in the thawing process. Another example is that milk can be frozen, but it thaws lumpy, which causes a texture that is not good for drinking but might be fine for baking or other cooking. Freezing dough is fine as long as the dough hasn’t risen more than once. This is because after the second rise, the dough is more hesitant to rise again.

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